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  • cellulite prevention and treatment
  • general and local slimming
  • immediate inch loss
  • face and body reshaping
  • muscle toning and tissue firming
  • elimination of fluid retention
  • lymphatic and venous drainage
  • tissue regeneration
  • face mini-lifting
  • quick and long lasting results visible in less than 30 minutes
Goldy's Clinic
265 avenue U
Brooklyn, NY 11223
tel: (718) 265-2499
tel: (347) 200-7689

Complete beauty treatments for body and face including:
Localised rapid slimming - muscular firming - skin toning - body reshaping
Complete beauty treatments for body and face including:
Rapid and full firming of each muscle bundles - mini-lifting - enhancing of skin tone
Complete beauty treatments for body and face including:
Lymphatic drainage - venous drainage - oedemas treatment - cellulite - swellings - prevention of the localised cosmetic problems due to bad circulation
Anti-age beauty treatments for the face including:
Regenerating and firming action of the surface epithelial tissues - prevention of premature ageing - wrinkles
Cells and metabolic bio-activators - treatment and prevention of cellulite in its different stages - localised and diffused fat reduction- silhouette reshaping
Computerised and personalised program for a correct evaluation of fat mass, muscular mass, bony mass and lean mass. Prescription of needed treatments.